Case study

Special Education Need:

Schools that provide special education face real challenges to manage assessments, lesson plans and evaluation without using an automated process. Managing and analysing the data will be very difficult and this will lead to high degree of error in evaluation.

How Dhilogics Helps:

DhiLogics has worked with special education schools in coming up with software solutions that suite their requirements.

Our Services Includes:
  • Automation of Academic and Behaviour Assessments.
  • Automate creation of Individual Education Plan and customized Lesson Plan.
  • Teaching Procedures such as Discrete, Match to Sample and Task Analysis which includes Sets and Steps.
  • Tool to generate Visual Lesson Plan.
  • Advanced and complex graphing features to analyze data.
  • Data Analytics to predict behaviour correlations and optimize lesson delivery.
  • Computer aided training tools.
Benefits to the School
  • Lesson plans used by the school can be consolidated and categorize based on assessment areas. This will help the educational coordinators to select the right lesson plans and methods for teaching the students.
  • Teachers can collect datausing a mobile device to access the lesson plans as well as to record behavioural patterns of the students.
  • The progress of the studentcan be viewed graphically and this information will be accessible to the management and teachers.
  • Student progress can be monitored regularly by viewing the dynamic reports and this will help teachers to check whether the student’s progress is on track or to take corrective measures to improve the progress by altering the lesson plans or teaching methodology based on student’s special need.