Primary objective of the DhiLogics consulting division is to provide the right value addition to its customers and help them achieve their business goals. We at DhiLogics understands that our clients are unquestionably the most important element for our success. It is our responsibility to make sure that clients gets the value for the services they purchased and we build our future on top of it.

Our consulting services are divided into functional consulting and technical consulting.

Functional Consulting

Functional Consulting: Our senior consultants are highly talented professionals who worked in domains like Manufacturing, Retail, Health Care, Education and Insurance.

Manufacturing: Our functional consultants help you to implement your software solutions no matter whether it is a custom built solution or a ERP implementation. Our functional consultants are experienced in implementation of profit 21 ,Syteline, SAP etc.

Retail: Our functional consultants will help you evaluate every aspect of your retail value chain including Order management, Logistics and Supply Chain, Inventory Management, Merchandizing, Strategic financial planning, Store operations, Distribution Center operations, Consumer Experience etc.

Education: Our dedicated team of functional consultants in this area can help our clients no matter whether they are trying to set up a school or trying to operate thousands of schools under one state.

Our functional consultants do research into special education and help clients build software solutions for the betterment of kids who needs special attention.

Health Care: This is one of the verticals where the standards are still getting finalized and implemented. We focus on this area as consultants who can integrate different processes, standards quickly and easily. We spent our time learning niche areas of old age care, pharmacy administration, medical supply management etc.

Technical Consulting

Technical Consulting: Our technical consulting operates in multiple levels.

Strategic Technical consulting: In this level our consultants will evaluate your business strategies and IT road map. No matter whether your organization has an existing systems and architecture, we will do the right research in setting up the architecture, conduct proof of concepts and will provide a organizational level strategic plan.

Architectural Evaluation: A lot of organizations have thier IT systems built over a period of time based on different architectures or even without any architecture.

We help you evaluate your architecture and will come up with suggestions on how to get introduced to the latest architecture like SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) and BPEL.

Data Consulting:We provide our consulting services in setting up and operating your BI, and Big Data services.


Schools that provide special education face real challenge without automated evaluations, lesson-plans and data collection. Those schools which do not have organized data storage mechanism find it hard to analyze data accurately and effectively, which leads to a high degree of error. DhiLogics has worked with special education schools in coming up with software solutions that suite their requirements covering some of the areas like: Why IT Enablement?

Automation of Academic and Behavior Assessments

Automate creation of Individual Education Plan and customized Lesson Plan

Advanced and complex graphing features to analyze data

Data Analytics to predict behavior correlations and optimize lesson delivery

Computer aided training tools

Engagement Models

We at DhiLogics provide multiple options for selection of the business model suitable for our clients. If you have no preference of business model we will help you to recommend a model based on after careful inspection of the requirements and deliverables, type of work, cost involved and project timeline.

(a) Time and Material Model (T&M)

Time & Material Model becomes an attractive option when the scope of the project is not well defined and there is a potential to evolve requirements, functionalities and specifications. In this scenario it would be difficult to estimate the project duration and actual cost involved for the deliverables.

This model is suitable for clients who would like to actively participate in the project development process and utilize our resources as an extended team to speed up the development process. This will also give you the flexibility of re-sizing the team size based on the requirements at different stages of project phases and that will help to optimise the cost and save time.

In this model customer is charged for all of the hours of work performed, any direct expenses incurred, and material purchased during project delivery. Total project cost is determined by amount of time and resources expended and the actual effort towards the project.

We will provide skilled resources and the development effort is billed at the end of every month at the pre-negotiated hourly rate.

(b) Fixed bid Engagement Model

A Fixed Price model is an ideal option if project scope and requirements are well defined. When your needs are clearly specified in sufficient detail, we could estimate the project scope and complexity, and provide a project delivery schedule along with a fixed price for the complete software development. The project proposal will be with details such as project planning, technology used, development approach, testing process and deployment schedule.

In this model the contract payment does not depend on the amount of resources or time expended by the contractor, as opposed to T&M projects.

c) Hybrid Engagement Model

Hybrid Model is a combination of T&M model, followed by a Fixed-Bid model which provides the best of both of the T&M and Fixed-Bid models. T&M model offers more project control and a fixed bid project offers more cost control. A hybrid of T&M and Fixed-Bid model make sure less risk and more cost effectiveness to the project.

In this model, project scope, requirements gathering, functional consulting, and architectural consulting will be offered in a T&M model. Software development, end to end testing and delivery will be offered in a fixed bid model.

d) Partnership model for software product development.

We are focusing on developing innovative products and ready to partner with our clients to help to develop their product vision from drawing board to reality by partnering with them at every stage of the project lifecycle. In this model we share the product IP, development costs and also the associated risks.

DhiLogics will evaluate the business plan, sign the contracts and will get into engagement model, provided the motto is "business should bring money to all the partners based on their contribution and effort".

Why partner with us?

DhiLogics IT leadership team has around 60+ man years of IT software development experience in handling the projects.

DhiLogics applies the strength of rapid application development framework and open source NoSQL technology to develop working prototype with ease and efficiency.

For our US and Europe based customers we encourage the "Follow the Sun" work policy to accelerate the work our clients are doing in at their location.

DhiLogics globally located resources will work as an extension of your current team.

Our clients will have an ability to scale their team at a low cost using offshore software development.

Application Development and Maintenance

Application Development: Application development is the core of our business.

We have established onsite offshore project management methodolgies and frameworks to cut the cost of application development to the maximum.

Our functional and technical consulting wing works as an agument for making sure that every aspect of our application development is covered. Based on our client requirements, we follow water fall or agile methodologies for application development.

Enterprise application Development: No matter whether your organization is a start up or a big enterprise, we at Dhi Logics understand that our application development team should help you out in detailing and simplying your business processes and convert that into software systems and valuable data.

BI and Datawarehousing

DhiLogics provides an end-to-end BI solution, from planning through to implementation and deployment. Services range from strategic to tactical and operational initiatives, and include:




Technology Evaluation

Proof of Concept

Data Architecture

Enterprise Reporting

Data Migration


Production Support