Transportation Management System

TMS provides a complete solution to manage all transportation and shipping activities for a transportation company. Our innovative “Routing Optimization” algorithm helps to reduce cost by maximizing operational efficiency and better capacity planning. Fine tune your transportation plans and schedules by doing cost analysis with projected schedules, reducing weight loss and increasing utilization.

Key Features

Vehicle and Driver Management

Real-Time alerts for maintenance schedules, permit expiry etc.

Customer, Contract and Advanced Pricing Engine

Expense Management

Shipment/Load Request Management

Online Shipment tracking

Pickup and Delivery Management

Vehicle Trip Management

Route Optimization

Load/Route Planning and Cost Analysis

Schedule and Load Sheets Management

Management Information System

Integration with GPS Vehicle Tracking software

SMS Notifications

Integration with Google Maps

Mobile integration for Order entry, Pickup, Delivery, Loading etc.

Key Benefits

Real-Time tracking of your shipment

Reduce Operational Cost of Vehicles by optimizing the Routes, Trips, Weight etc.

Reduce Weight Loss by Better Capacity Planning

What –if analysis with Planning and Costing

Analyze Trip or Vehicle Margins

360 degree view for the management

Configurable according to your business needs



Web based TMS

Android Mobile Application

Transhipment Planning and Route Optimization

Integration with Accounting Package (Tally/Quickbooks)

Desktop/Offline Mode

Dhilogics Router ( Pickup and Delivery Planning )

Advanced Reporting Features

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