Warehouse Management System

Dhi-WMS is a Warehouse Management System designed by DhiLogics, aimed to improve the efficiency of warehouse operations at a lower cost, following simple rules that provides greater return on investments. The science and engineering behind WMS software has been in place for a long time and grown to the extent that the multitude of business process offered by them might not be needed for successful warehouse operations. Our aim is to keep it a simple solution customizable to the business needs.


Ability to arrange the design layout of the warehouse in terms of storage area types, racks, bins and lots.

Ability to integrate the purchase order management systems to WMS.

Ability to manage the inbound processes of a warehouse from trailer arrival at the yard till it gets stocked.

Ability to manage the warehouse internal processes like cycle counting, dead stock management, expiry management, damaged items, hazard item management etc.

Ability to manage the outbound processes like store order processing, picking, packing and shipping to the customers.

Ability to manage multiple warehouses using the same platform.

Ability to manage financial and accounting transactions of multiple warehouses at the same time.

Cloud based system accessible from every where.

Why Dhi WMS

The scope, functionalities and science behind typical WMS product solutions available in the market have gone to an extend that a lot of customers are forced to adopt the software features as their business process, without knowing the science behind it. Our aim is to keep the Dhi WMS product simple, configurable and result oriented to match the business processes.